Chelsea Update: Roman Abramovich; Making plans of acquiring another club while Chelsea is up for sell

The Russian billionaire, politician and owner of Chelsea FC  Roman Abramovich, have disclosed his plans of acquiring another European club while the Chelsea FC  is still up for sell.

The 55 years old Russian billionaire, have made his intentions known in the early days of march about the selling up of the club, and also following the sanctions that have been given to him by the UK Government.

Based on records, Roman Abramovich bought the club in June 2003 at the sum of £140 million from Ken Bates, and currently the clubs  worth is £2.4 billion. The Russian Oligarch have successfully managed the club for two decades, where by he came up with the decision to sell up the club and make some future investment which includes buying of a new European club.

He went further to make a notice of channelling his passion at also acquiring Turkish outfit Goztepe. Currently a negotiations is ongoing between the representative of Roman Abramovich and outgoing Goztepe president Mehmet Sepil, because an announcement was made by  Sepil that he will be resigning from his duties as the president but still holds some vital roles till a tangible and serious replacement is made.

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