Chelsea Latest News: The Chelsea chairman may be replaced by one of the shortlisted bidders of Chelsea.

The recent development concerning the ongoing shortlisting of the bidders of Chelsea, there is a situation at hand concerning the chairman of Chelsea FC,in the of name of Bruce Buck.

Bruce Buck a 76 year old man, An American by nationality, who had his higher Education at different universities and graduated as a  practicing American Lawyer, who is also in partnership with some law firms in London.He is also currently the Chairman of the West London club whom the news have it that, he may be replaced soon by one of the shortlisted bidders of the club.

Sir Martin Broughton Sir Martin Broughton consortium who have been reportedly confirmed and shortlisted as the top front runners of Chelsea FC by the Raine Group, may likely be the person to replace Chelsea FC Chairman Bruce Buck, if he is successful in his final stage of the shortlisting.

Although, there seem to be problem for the Sir Martin Broughton consortium because some of the shareholders of the association are also shareholders with the Crystal Palace club, which means they will have to sell their 18% shares in the South London Club, before they can be able to pass the premier league Director’s test and for them to be successful in this final stage, because UEFA regulations have it clear that, no shareholder is allowed to be involved in two champion’s Leagues clubs at the same time.

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