Chelsea Talks: I can’t make it to the Chelsea Champions League reunion.

Report has a it that a player can’t make it to the Champion’s League of Chelsea. This occured as result of some unforseen circumstances beyond the player’s control

The former Chelsea player, who left the club with the sum of £98M to Real Madrid in the year 2019 Eden Hazard, have disclosed his reasons why he can’t make it the quarter- finals of the Champion’s League between Chelsea and Real Madrid, although he sees it as a reunion League because it going to be a match with his former club.

The Real Madrid winger Eden Hazard, have been said to under go again, a surgery in his right ankle. The player had an ankle injury before in March 2020,and this second Surgery is meant to be used to remove the osteosynthesis plate in his right ankle. Following the ankle issues suffered by the player,it has made him not to live up to expectations of the club making just a 65 appearance ever since his transfer from Chelsea FC.

The player have disclosed how sad he feels because, he will be out for about a month for his ankle surgery,this period is meant to be the fixed period for the match between Chelsea and Real Madrid. As a result of this, he haven’t really been pleased because he will be missing out in the league to face his former club Chelsea.

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