Since moving to Chelsea FC alot has changed in my life and I’m greatful to everyone who made this move possible

Graham Potter has admitted he has struggled to adapt to the attention placed upon his appearance after claims he has had a “glow-up” since taking over at Chelsea. The former Brighton boss has never been renowned for making fashion statements when standing on the touchline, but the choice of attire at Stamford Bridge is a new area of scrutiny as part of his job.

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Potter was dressed noticeably smarter than he had been previously known for as he walked out at the San Siro Chelsea’s Champions League tie against AC Milan. He wore a suave black rollneck jumper with an overcoat and sported a trimmed beard with a well-kept hairstyle.

His apparent tidier look has been compared to when he was in charge of Brighton, when Potter was happy enough wearing a jumper and trousers with a more rugged beard and shaggy hairstyle.

Bu the 47-year-old, who revealed he prefers to be away from the limelight unlike some other high-profile coaches, conceded he had no idea that he had improved his look in the eyes of football fans,

“I don’t like seeing myself on telly, I get sweaty palms and I’d rather go to the dentist to be honest,” Potter said in a news conference on Friday. “Apparently I’ve had a ‘glow up’. Somebody said to me the other day I’d had a ‘glow up’ and I had no idea. Perhaps I’m growing into my face, [ageing] like a fine wine.

“I had a haircut from someone that cuts the lads’ hair so that’s probably made a bit of a difference, I don’t know. How much was it? More than I thought it would be, let’s put it that way!”

In addition to his new hairstyle, the former Brighton coach was also asked about his favourite jumper: “It’s not that old but it’s not a new one. We [Brighton] beat Tottenham 1-0 with that jumper on,” he added.

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