Graham Potter says one Chelsea player allows him to keep changing formations

Chelsea manager Graham Potter said experienced defender Thiago Silva is one of the players who allow him to be more flexible when choosing formations.

Potter has already used at least three different formations since taking charge of the Blues last month.

From 4-4-2, 3-4-2-1, and even 4-2-3-1, it is always difficult to predict Potter’s tactical decisions.

The manager said he never sees a formation as “the end goal”.

At Brighton, he mostly used 3-4-3 with a midfield diamond, which he believes suited his former players well. However, at Chelsea, he admitted it is very difficult to stick with one shape.

“Consistency of selection is difficult, the schedule makes it pretty much impossible,” he explained to Chelsea’s official website.

“But how the game looks or how we want to play should look the same regardless of personnel or the system, that is the challenge.”

Well, having top players who can adapt to different roles and shapes at Chelsea also helps.


“They are top players, so their game insight is at a really high level, and some of them have been playing the game a long time,” Potter added.

“Thiago Silva for example can play in the middle of a three or in a back four. He is the captain of Brazil – he can play football!

“You just have to make sure everyone is on board and everyone understands, and again we don’t change for change’s sake, it is not part of my identity that I want to deliver here.

” What we have got to do is try to win football matches.”


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