It’s my fault Chelsea lost to Brighton & Hove Albion and I promise the fans that they will see a better Chelsea team

  • Chelsea boss Graham Potter has held his hands up after a 4-1 thrashing against his former club Brighton at the weekend.

There was always a feeling ahead of this game that things might not go to plan for Chelsea, purely because of the occasion. It was former boss and former player going back to Brighton with their new club. It was a set of motivated former team mates up for it and with a point to prove. There was never a huge deep confidence from Chelsea fans ahead of this one.

It was a poor defeat and an embarrassing result though, there are no two ways about it. Potter has taken the biggest part of the responsibility in his post-match comments, and he was keen to share it with the players.

As reported by The Evening Standard, the new Blues boss says that sometimes, you just get things wrong tactically, and admits he might have on Saturday.

“It’s only my view but I am responsible as much as the players,” Potter admitted. “Sometimes you get things wrong tactically.

“I am okay to say that because ultimately if you want to be a role model for people trying their best and trying to improve you need to be that way yourself. It would be easy for me to blame the players after a game but it isn’t as straightforward as that.

“It’s a fact we are missing players,” he added. “If you do the maths on those players there are a lot of key players there and a lot of talent. But at the end of the day that is not an excuse, it is not the reason why we lost.

“I have to do better, we have to do better. We will. People want a simple answer and I get that. But it’s quite complex. There are lots of things involved and I have to start with myself and think about how can I do better?”

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